Tips to reduce electricity bill of an AC

Tips to reduce electricity bill of an AC
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The air conditioner is the most common type of AC in everyday households. But if you know how to use AC, then better to buy it.

Tips: (save electricity)
otherwise, the bill is wasted. There is no surprise that the bill comes at a thousand rupees bill. So let’s reduce the AC bill and see the cool tips. If you are following these tips, your current bill does not have a surprise at Rs.200


Keep the filters clean and clean once a week. If the filter is clean, the air will be supplied to the coils. The room is quickly cooled. Some of the power goes out

AC temperatures:

AC temperatures are between 25 degrees and 27 degrees. This makes it possible to cut the chamber by cutting the current bill.

In the summer:

If the temperature is 41 degrees outside the summer, keep in the room less than 21 degrees, so think of how hard the AC compressor is. That’s why power consumption at that time is going to be higher.

To keep the room cooler:

a lot of factors affect the room. The room size window has a size, how many mirrors are there, and how the floor in the room is in the east or west, there are lots of items in the room, TV, freeze, computer, etc. How many people are in the room without heating the room. All of these things should be remembered.


Many people use Fan when they have AC in the ceiling fan room. This is because the cooling room from the AC is thought to spread. But because the ceiling fan spreads the hot air from the roof over the living room, it will require more coolness. The funnel uses the fog in the room as the dirt room spreads. The dust gets into the AC filters, so it is better to use the table fan instead of the ceiling fan.


Often the ON-OFF, the AC is often increased by the ON / OFF so that the temperature in the room can be kept from 25 degrees to 27 degrees thus causing the air to release in a lower level. If you do not, then the cooling in the room will become as steam.

Inverter Technology:

Some ACs are coming with Inverter Technology without this requirement. This does not require much power consumption.

Better if they do:

doors do not open regularly Every time you open the hot air errors, the AC will have to work longer for cooling in the room. Split AC is more than a window AC, which means that the hot air is light and the filters will remain. The spit ac is put on the wall, so the wind will quickly cool.

cool coating:

windows should be made in any way, including doorways. The window is a must have curtain when it has cooled. It gets hot in the room.  If you follow this type of tips, may Reduce the electricity bill.

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