The Indian Railways has introduced an excellent facility for frequent travelers.

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Indian Railways passengers can now transfer their train ticket to someone else!

If you book a train ticket to go to any town and it is also a confirmed ticket, you have the opportunity to transfer your ticket to a different person. This option is useful for anyone in their family to travel in the last minute, not for any reason.

The Indian Railways has introduced an excellent facility for passengers

But there are some rules. Our ticket cannot be transferred to anyone. Only parents,  sisters, children and wives in our family can submit the ticket that is confirmed by submitting enough evidence. The Chief Reservation Supervisor in important stations will be required to submit a written request before 24 hours before the start of the train.

If a person in a bridal party is not traveling by going to any marriage, the person dealing with the bridal party can write a written letter 24 hours before requesting that the ticket is transferred to the other. If students want to exchange their ticket to others, they have to submit a letter from the Principal Principle that they are studying. Only a student who is studying in the same educational institutions can transfer the ticket.

Only a maximum of one ticket can be transferred to others.

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