A good news about Aadhaar linking!

Change the Aadhaar Card Address online!
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The Supreme Court extends the deadline for linking of Aadhaar to all services to March 31- Aadhaar linking

Time is up for Aadhaar linking and it’s twenty-four days away .. to link your mobile number with Aadhaar card! Not just a mobile number, it’s deadline to link Aadhaar to Bank Accounts and many other services

A good news about Aadhaar linking!

For those who can not complete this process so far due to various reasons… Good news for those who think that March 31 is not enough. According to information provided by the central government to the Supreme Court, the deadline for March 31, 2018, for Aadhaar linking is likely to be extended.

At present, the government is not officially responding, but the government has focused on this issue which affects some billion people in the country. In fact, expansion was extended from March 2017 to March 31, 2018. However, a large number of people across the country do not connect their Aadhaar card to various services. If you have not yet completed the phone numbers and other services for your Aadhaar card, please immediately respond and complete the process. Otherwise, you will have to suffer in the past.


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