Homemade face mask “Face Masks” for Acne Skin – How to remove pimples

Homemade facemask
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“Face Masks” for Acne Skin – How to remove pimples

If you’re pimples, how many different ways do you try to get your skin irritated? If you want to get your skin unnecessary, follow these natural processes and get beautiful and elegant skin. The natural methods of removing your problem with fruits and herbs will make your body look good on your body and make your face beautiful without scars. These techniques exhibit rigidity of acne without any side effects on the body, some of the natural methods suggested by pediatrician for the elimination of acne Homemade face mask

Homemade face mask

“Aloe and Yellow” Pack:

Polysaccharides and neutrines, which are the enzymes in the elixir, exhibit fighting action as antibacterial & antifungal. It fights against natural toxins and helps to keep the skin soft and mild.

Turmeric powder :

Yellow mask helps to protect the skin. Help your skin to cool off places, remove the scarring, and melt swelling in swollen places.It increases your skin and makes it look good and beautiful.

Turmeric powder, honey, milk “pack:

1 tablespoon of turmeric, honey, tamarind, and aloe mixed with the mixture on the face and wash it off with cold water 15 minutes later, get scarring and scalp free skin.

Homemade face mask “Face Masks” for Acne Skin – How to remove pimples

“Citrus fruits” pack:

Citrus fruits contain lemon and orange bleeding properties, wipe the skin’s “bacteria” and make the skin look smoother and more beautiful.

The pulp of the fruit should be put in the face for 15 minutes, and lemon juice can also be used as a mixture of water and water, which causes mulchiness to regenerate the growth of the skin, and then the scrub should be scrubbed with warm water.

Please understand your skin’s philosophy before:

These natural methods give you all the best results, but it is better to use your body’s philosophy.

Normal skin:

If your skin is a normal type, the cells of your skin will not leave you a cheerful chest.

Normal skin is the least problematic body.

Dry skin:

If you have dry skin, the paper is very dry and your skin is dry, dry and flawless.

Greasy skin:

If you are greasy skin, the paper will absorb the grease in the cheeks, nose, and forehead areas of your face.

This skin is very troublesome, it appears to be thick, so it is more likely to increase acne.

Combination skin:

This combination of most women is high in skin.

If the skin on the skin is not on the nose and brow, the chest does not absorb.

Sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin is usually very dry and stiff.

Most swollen, irritating, irritable, skin reddening, eventually leading to small patches on the face

Milk: Because fat is high in milk, it is very useful for dry skin,

It is important to keep the oily skin away from milk because the fat in the milk has a risk of greasy skin becoming more greasy.

Citrus fruits: If it is used on dry skin, remove the damp and make it more dry.It is very useful in lowering the chest if used on greasy skin.

Common skin can also be used with very low density lime juice

Honey: It acts as a normal moisturizer, so it can be used for all skin types.

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