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How to watch YouTube videos without internet connection

Watching YouTube videos has become one of our most favorite time pass these days. Introduction to Jio Internet access with everyone is becoming more popular on YouTube. Have no access to the Internet and everything else Have you ever wondered what our situation would be if you were in such …

Fake Android Apps in the Play Store
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How to recognize fake apps in Google Play Store

How to Spot (and Avoid) fake apps in Google Play Store Android users can not complete their day without visiting Google Play Store at least once a week. It’s a new go-to solution for any new apps and games. But you think this is really a safe place, yes it’s …

video calling in the instagram
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Voice and video calling in the instagram

Instagram’s code reveals potential voice and video calling features video calling in the instagram Instagram is coming with new features. Soon the voice and video calling is being done. It seems like the trail is running. However, these features will appear on the IOS flat form first. It will be available …