Be careful there are 4 days bank vacations next week

bank vacations next week
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There are four days of banking holidays next week! Banking related activities Public and private banks have four consecutive holidays. If you need money, do not get into trouble at the last minute..

Four days bank leave:

Mahaveer Jayanti March 29, Thursday, March 30th Friday. public holidays due to the Hanuman Vrat and Holy Saturday. Furthermore, on April 1, the Bank’s holiday on Sunday.

Be careful:

It is necessary to take care of four days holidays in a row. Cash shortfall in ATMs With a four-day vacation, money deposits in ATMs are effective every day. Pre-cash adjustment is good.

Use Internet Banking:

ATMs can use net banking and mobile banking facility if you face cash issues. An alternate way to use online service.

Bank Holidays:

March 29 – Mahaveer Jayanti
March 30 – Good Friday
March 31 – The end of the month of Saturday (the bank’s annual end date)
April 1 – Sunday

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